Paroles Revolving Doors de Lukas Rossi

Lukas Rossi
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  • Artiste: Lukas Rossi37139
  • Chanson: Revolving Doors
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Textes et Paroles de Revolving Doors

You called to say your sober.
And that I can't believe.
This can finally be over.
And I cannot breathe.
I have suffered too.
Each and every day.
You sent me away.
You didn't want me.
But you've made your last mistake.
I've seen your love through revolving doors.
Christmas lights don't seem as bright anymore.

You speak of faith.
But do you pray when your on the floor?
I've seen your God.
I've seen his face, through revolving doors.
Through revolving doors.
Broken mirrors and stained glass windows.
I can't see you clear.
I smell your scent on my pillow.
Your voice is all I hear.
I am so confused.
When it rains it pours.
Can I walk with you through revolving doors?

I'll pray for you to keep you safe.
I can't cry no more.
I've seen your God.
I've seen his face, through revolving doors.
Through revolving doors.
Through revolving doors.

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