Paroles Drop Dead de Lunachicks

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  • Artiste: Lunachicks11491
  • Chanson: Drop Dead
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Textes et Paroles de Drop Dead

Walk In front or a car, at the mall
Trip and fall In the hall
Smash your head against the wall
You want to die, I can see It In your eye
Rob a bank, tip the boat, sell yourself, brake the law
I like you better, when your deader
Dont you fuck with us
We will follow you on to the bus
Fart right in your face
And watch out because
Should've worn Tussy like your mama said,
Then maybe you would'nt be dead,
We can be worster!
Drop dead! Drop!
Get et by a lion at the zoo
Fuck a skanky ho or two
Burn your socks, dread your locks,
Wear a schmock, ham your hocks,
You want to die, I can see it in your eyes
Pull the plug, pop a pill, kill yourself,
You know you will
I like you better, when your deader
Drop dead! Ole' !
I'm fine, me too, we're fine and how are you?!
I like you better, when your deader
Shoulha worn Tussy like your mama said
Then maybe you would'nt be dead
We think you should drop dead

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