Paroles Thoughts Of October de Lunacy Driven

Lunacy Driven
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  • Artiste: Lunacy Driven26254
  • Chanson: Thoughts Of October
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Textes et Paroles de Thoughts Of October

In everyway, my face concieves hiding the scars
Pretending just to be somebody,
When all existance flown away
What was wrong? I thought we had it made
Waiting to prevail
It's all the same
Tainted mansions we look upon,
the search through the mist goes on and on
around about, and in and out.
It chews you up and spits you out.
I'm overboard for the memories
Exploiting my name less faithfully.
These words now are just to set me free.
and thoughts ring of OCTOBER!
Waiting to prevail
Guide me through the day.
Always home, our secrets have collected dust.
Fallen pictures from the wall
been trampled over
No matter where we are,
We'll fall asleep to wake up in the stars.
Never change.
I need you to much.
The only peace of mind has taken over.
For shadows over turn,
and time rolls over.
I'll keep letting go for that's behind.
No matter where we are.
We'll make our way.
Waiting to prevail.
Send a kiss to me.
The only way, I've left it all behind
Priceless moments redesigned.
Consider life a chosen view
These thoughts forever ring of October
Waiting to prevail
Send a kiss to me.
You're always in my mind.

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