Paroles I Who Have Nothing de Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross
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  • Artiste: Luther Vandross6718
  • Chanson: I Who Have Nothing
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Textes et Paroles de I Who Have Nothing

I...I have nothing but I...I have no-one. I adore you and want you so. I'm just a no-one with nothing to give you but I...oooo i love (hey baby) oh yeah

She...she buys you diamonds. Said they're bright (bright) they are bright sparkling diamonds (yeah). But believe me boy hear what i say..she could give you the world but she'll never love you the way...that i love you baby (yeah yeah)

Chorus (Both):
You can go any place you want, to fancy clubs and restaurants (ooo), but i can only watch you with nose pressed up against the window-pane (the window-pain) oooo yeah oooo yeah oooo...YEAH!

I who have nothing (nothing) I..I
Who have no-one (no-one). must watch you (i will watch you baby) oh passing by
But you dont see me
wrapped in the arms of somebody else when (no-one inside) ooooo (hey baby) really loves you baby (really loves you baby) im the one (im the one im the one) ooo yeah.
i wanna be the one that you just can't live with or without. i wanna be the one that you never fear or doubt i wanna be the one that can give you the lovin..but i have nothing (nothing) oooo yeah i wanna be the one you always wanna to be with. i wanna say the words that your body ??? i wanna be the one that you let give all your lovin'
but i have nothing (nothing)
(fade out)

(Thanks to Maria for these lyrics)

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