Paroles There's Nothing Better Than Love de Luther Vandross

Luther Vandross
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  • Chanson: There's Nothing Better Than Love
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Textes et Paroles de There's Nothing Better Than Love

(feat. Gregory Hines)

I fell asleep last night
And I dreamed the night
and almost half the day away
I just got up so that
I can hear her say
She's still in love
and no one can take her love away
Ooo love wakes me up everyday
And I thought no one
would ever make me feel this way
It feels me up everytime
I hear her say
She's still in love
and no one will take her love away
I wanna be love

There's nothing better than love
What in the world
could you ever be thinking of
It's better by far
So let yourself reach for that star
And go no matter how far
To the one you love
To love

And I mean all these words I said
And you don't have to guess
what's going on inside me head
Just try to know
All the things that our heart says
Listen to love and always
get love to lead the way
Whenever you love


You know for love
I'd go anywhere
I would go there
For love to the end of nowhere
And for your love
(And for your love)
I would,
I would
I would love
To just spend all my time
With a girl who makes me
feel her love is mine
Someone you see
Who would only dream of me
And she be in love
just because she wanna be
She wanna be loved


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