Paroles Keep On Dreaming de Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings
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  • Chanson: Keep On Dreaming
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Textes et Paroles de Keep On Dreaming

[Verse 1:]
Look outside your window
Tell me what you see
Past all the flowers
Beyond the trees
Is it what you wanted?
Your life to be
Or is it what you
Settle for
Is it 'cause they laugh at you
And talk about you too
They talked about Jesus Christ
What makes you think they won't talk about you
No need to worry
You are a star
And you are perfect just the way you are

Keep on dreaming
Keep on shining
Keep on grinding
Don't stop trying
Keep on dreaming
Keep on flowing
Keep on growing
Don't stop hoping
Don't stop hoping

[Verse 2:]
(Gwone) Walkin through the graveyard
Shovel in your hand
Rumors on the street are
You just buried a man
And he was really talented
He just didn't get a chance
And now his blood is
On your hand
Maybe you should dig him up
Maybe you should not
Maybe you should stop listening to your friends
And listen to your heart
It's nice to be famous
It's nice to be a star
But it's also nice to be just who you are


People say the craziest things
Craziest things
Twenty-five to life he done murdered his dreams
Murdered his dreams
Ummmhuh, ummmhuh, ummhuh

[Chorus x2]

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