Paroles A Bind Lost de Lyke Giants

Lyke Giants
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  • Artiste: Lyke Giants54324
  • Chanson: A Bind Lost
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Textes et Paroles de A Bind Lost

your narrow road feeds fear,
it strangles my thoughts,
fraying me to rags,
as i crack out, my words.

i can feel,
i can feel,
i feel my throat closing round,
i feel.

your heart is withering,
as your reach is from my grasp,
your silhouette I'd lie for,
I stumble, to hold.

that flicker in the distance,
that bind I have lost,
I stumble, to hold,
still I

i can feel,
i can feel my throat closing round,
i feel.

climbing closer with every hour,
see the search etched in my eyes.
I find my path, is covered now,
but I cant leave till I'm breaking out.

all of the time,
we could get there right,
now I can not hide,
cause it's in my eyes,
and I'll break it again,
yeah I'll break it again.

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