Paroles One Thing de Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
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  • Chanson: One Thing
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Textes et Paroles de One Thing

(Gary Rossington, JohnnyVan-Zant, Ed King, Dale Krantz-Rossington, Custer)

I met the man, when I was fifteen
Seen him in all the papers, on T.V. and magazines
So I had to ask him, what's the difference between
Those who make a wish, those who spin wheels
And those who ride in white limosines like you,mister
Won't you tell me one thing

Some have the passion and they control the ride
Some settle for whatever happens
As years pass they see their lives just slip on by
The world keeps a' turnin'
It'll leave you behind
Nothin' else matters, nothin's worth learnin'
Until the dream you have inside

It's the one thing, the one thing there's no denyin'
So find yourself a dream and some piece of mind
'Cause money and power won't buy it
It's the one thing, nothin' else matters

And somewhere you might have heard the good times are through
And good luck is somethin' you're born with
I know it just ain't true
The world keeps a' turnin'
I wouldn't tell you no lie
Nothin' else matters, nothin's worth learnin'
Until the dream that you have inside

(repeat chorus)

Nothin' else matters

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