Paroles Blue Steel de M.O.P

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  • Artiste: M.O.P2988
  • Chanson: Blue Steel
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Textes et Paroles de Blue Steel

[Li'l Fame]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[VERSE 1: Li'l Fame]
Plow! I'm shootin muthafuckas in the belly
Spread em like jelly, play em like skelly
I'm representin for the real niggas
Fake moves, make moves, you fuck around, I have to kill niggas
I pack a nine that have em wanna box
With a gun or I can knock em out the box with a ox
Niggas gotta pay the piper then
And I know you're mad, cocksucker, because it ain't no type of wins
Niggas throw rhymes, I throw rhymes back
If niggas wanna throw crime, I throw crimes back
If niggas wanna throw props, I throw props back
Them niggas wanna throw shots, I throw em back and lay em flat
So if you ever think of tryin to get loose
I do your ass like Bishop did Rahiem in _Juice_
Kid, I'm tellin you now you can't afford it
And I bust a nigga ass quick on the mic that's extorted
Crazed, I rock for days on blaze with Laze E Laze
You niggas get blazed, the Fame can't be fazed
Huh, you couldn't make us for a try out, punk, you die out
I wet shit up even when I got the dry mouth
It's time I let em know the deal
Nowadays shit is real, so I'm packin blue steel

[Billy Danzenie]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[VERSE 2: Billy Danzenie]
Clack-clack, salute from the ill nigga Bill
I represent Gunsmoke Hill, I'm packin blue steel
I'm comin at you to take your wealth
If I endanger your health that's cause you did that your damn self
I blow your muthafuckin back out, I keep a ill feelin
I'm wide open like ?John Dillon?
When you come, you better be armed, son, see, I works with mine
You know what's happenin to you, it's 'hammer time'
Out the streets a real raw man
I'm top dog, man, I'm your connection with the morgue man
For my peoples I put 2 in your face
(Clack-clack) ????? with some ?????
Cause Danzine ain't fakin no jammers
A herb nigga tremor, real niggas ??????
It's cool to see em bangin for that new school
And all my niggas, they work with they tools

[Billy Danzenie]
So make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
[Li'l Fame]
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
[Billy Danzenie]
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)
Make a move (make a move)
Lick shot (lick shot)

[Li'l Fame]
Yo Bill, you got the ifth? (Yeah, yeah!)
One in the head? (Yeah, yeah!)
[Billy Danzenie]
You got the pound? (Yeah, yeah!)
Let's kill em dead
[Li'l Fame]
But first I wanna get some, you really gonna diss em
Cause I'ma blast his muthafuckin ass like a ?system?
[Billy Danzenie]
Yo, if you go we all do, cause you know we all crew
Somebody fuck with me, I know they got to fuck with you too
And cocksucker, you want it
In your next life you're nailed just like the last bitch nigga that fronted
[Li'L Fame]
So if you want beef just set it
Because it don't cost nothin to send your ass to the paramedics
The four-pound'll make em hit the ground
So buck em down (buck em down)
Buck em, buck em, buck em down

[Li'l Fame]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

[Billy Danzenie]
Say what, say what, say what?
I'm packin blue steel [x3]

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