Paroles Oblivion de Macy Gray

Macy Gray
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  • Artiste: Macy Gray2742
  • Chanson: Oblivion
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Textes et Paroles de Oblivion

it's real sick
the state of the world today
it's real thick
to come up and find a way
the next time you're alone
you can
create a world of your own
make it magic
give it love
make it all you're dreaming of
in my underwear
sometimes I visit there
ignorance is bliss
don't know nothing but this
bounce from right to left
here with the broken hearted
let's get this party started
I eat my marimbas
I tingle when I sing
bling bling bling ting ting
bounce from right to left
here with the broken hearted
let's get this party started
it's tempting to pack up your throne
move in
make this magic place your home
but nobody else can go
you'll be forever all alone
bounce from right to left
no longer broken hearted and I don't know when it started


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