Paroles M For Malice de Madder Mortem

Madder Mortem
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  • Artiste: Madder Mortem6243
  • Chanson: M For Malice
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Textes et Paroles de M For Malice

Hold the curse close to your chest
Now let the game begin
Whisper a silence of disease
That will never end

Just give a changer all control
And the pallid king your hand
Lay your head gently down on hate
That will never bend

M for malice
M for modesty
M for me

Where no heaven can be found
Only the purpose will remain
Let it drown all pain
Let it drown all fear

All things broken, all things sworn
All this the malice will replace
Let it drown all fear
Let it drown all pain

Let no sorrow hold you down
Let the weight of good recede
It will drown all pain
It will drown all fear

M for malice
M for modesty

We repay

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