Paroles Supernatural (Original Arms House Mix) de Madonna

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  • Artiste: Madonna2646
  • Chanson: Supernatural (Original Arms House Mix)
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Textes et Paroles de Supernatural (Original Arms House Mix)

Made your acquaintance late one night
You were floating around, you know you gave me quite a fright
You didn't seem like an ordinary man
More like a ray of light

You transcendentally imposed yourself upon my bed
You know you didn't say very much
I'm out of body and I feel so good in my head
You know I'm really quite touched

I wake up with your fragrance and it's all over me
What cologne do you wear?
I walk around with a smile on my face, 'cause you're close to me
Well I know you're somewhere


Gonna take my chance on a different kind of romance
A supernatural thing
Gonna have my fill, it gives me such a big thrill to be with
A supernatural thing

You say you've lived here for quite some time
And I'd say that your skills as a lover are very refined
You know just what I want and I don't have to ask
Are you reading my mind?

You're not demanding for a man, that's really quite rare
You're not the least bit obsessed with your hair
You're not upset when I come home later than ten
For a ghost you're a very good friend


I've got to be a very careful, never know what the neighbors would say
They already think I'm crazy
I wouldn't like to wake up and find myself in the family way
A ghost baby?

(chorus, repeat)

I can't see you [so hot]
I know you're out there you little rascal
Stop that

(chorus, repeat)

Gonna take my pants off for a different kind of romance
That super-duper naturally big thing
It's outrageously large
[Super-duper, supernatural, so hot, so hot, supernatural]

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