Paroles On your side de Madrugada

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  • Artiste: Madrugada26401
  • Chanson: On your side
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Textes et Paroles de On your side

I'm really on your sideAlthough you may not ever believe that it's soI've been taken to looking backAcross it all, it was never that badOh you knowFor the minute a pretty faceIn the mirror, to take my placeTo submit to the ... raceI'm going to see to your immediate needsLove's for idiots, so leave me alone on my libertiesMy libertiesFor twenty days or moreI've been staring a hole in the wallSo this business is what I left you forWe were never that bad together at allFor the slightest little changeI will stitch it up and rearrange itWhen I feel more than a little strangeGet someone else to do the thinking pleaseLove's for idiots, so leave me alone on my libertiesMy libertiesI'm really on your sideAnd I would never ever try to hurt you again no noTake my blessings where ever you goAnd if there's someone else to who you wish to goI just dont want to knowYou're none of my business nowI do forget it sometimesI dont know howI get too weary and I get too loudI always knew there would be times like theseLove's for idiots, so leave me alone on my libertiesLeave me alone, my libertiesMy liberties

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