Paroles Whatever Happened To You ? de Madrugada

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  • Artiste: Madrugada26401
  • Chanson: Whatever Happened To You ?
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Textes et Paroles de Whatever Happened To You ?

Stay lover, stay
don't just leave me this way,
With nothing left to go on with.
Is there nothing you could say, before you turn and walk away,
(it think with your heart... there's something wrong with it)
I can't believe your heart, there's something wrong with it
Whatever happened to you?

She said (Just say) whatever has to change
It could easily be arranged.
There's something it's not new to me
But now when I'm looking at your face,
there's hardly any traces
of the subtle love that's so good and true to me
And I must sing this from the heart
but there's something I'd done wrong,
right from the start.
Whatever happened to you? (x2)
Tell me now, you tell me now

You run, lover, run.
I have cared for you all along.
Ever since I first fell for you.
It's though, a very special song
but now it's made it's all been gone
But you know it always did worked so well for you (??)
And I must sing this from the heart,
but there's something I'd done wrong,
right from the start.
Whatever happened to you (X2)

Oh, you're cold, lover, cold
living alone in those days of old.
You can only love a shadow and a memory
Follow these wicked lights you tone
We're in a life somewhat gone
I sware before the end that you will remember me.
Whatever happened to you (X4)

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