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Textes et Paroles de Forward

(I'm moving) I'm moving Forward
Just one word, Forward
It ain't about my past
It's about my future
Forget those things behind me
Press towards those things before me
(Which way we moving) Forward
(One more time) Forward

(Verse 1)
Look at me, I'm free
Can't you see, I'm sin free
And I don't care what you think you know about me
What you saw me do or say
Where I was yesterday
All I know is today The Lord took me in and He washed me
He cleansed me in His precious Blood
Made me whole and showed me love
I've never felt nothing like it
Yes, He's my God and I like it
He keeps my soul safe from danger
Closer than a friend
No He's not a stranger
I'm not the same anymore
I'm never looking back
With God I'll be moving


(Verse 2)
True we do all fall short
With God I don't expect to anymore
Because greater is He that is within me
Than He that's in the world
I ain't got time to be thinking 'bout What I did or where would I be
If I didn't do this 'cause
God is still God and He's good to me
And I ain't got no time to worry
I should have been dead and in my grave
But You said, "No, ole death behave" You came into my life and picked me up My head you raised
You didn't give up on me
And today I can say I'm saved
I just can't go back now
I'll follow You Lord 'cause I'm moving


Gotta keep (moving)
Forward (forward)
Keep on (moving)
Forward (forward)
The old me (moving)
The old mess (forward)
Is behind me (moving)
'Cause I'm moving (forward)
When you see me (moving)
I'm moving (forward)
Walking (moving)
Marching (forward)
Skipping (moving)
Jogging (forward)
Running (moving)
Running (forward)
Got happy (moving)
'Cause I'm moving (forward)
On (moving)
Down Road (forward)
I Got it (moving)
Forward (forward)
Ain't gon' stop now (moving)
Forward yeah(forward)


Forward (out)

(Thanks to StacyAnn Jacquett for these lyrics)

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