Paroles Velvet Eyes de Mandragora Scream

Mandragora Scream
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  • Artiste: Mandragora Scream6437
  • Chanson: Velvet Eyes
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Textes et Paroles de Velvet Eyes

Vultures, thirteen white eyed nymphs with
The frozen echo of a young wind enraged
Shadows of a cobweb torn down
Memories of rhymed lines like poems of life
King Seal's soul
His nightfall, last of four nights
Fallin' of stars in delusion
Cliff shadows, raven's old bright wings
Black eyes lie lurkin'
Hail to the dead bridegroom
That night carryin' lorn cobweb
Memories in silence came back to me
My Prince born through vulture's bad bites
On a frozen pond flanked by two oak trees
From ancient times
My Vampire, he has black swan's hearts
Velvet eyes, misty signs which can, oh!
Mesmerize my face's moon,
Shini' and glowin' face of night
Layin' on my bed of lilies
Firefliesm cries and grim life: I left my flesh

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