Paroles Runaway de Marillion

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  • Artiste: Marillion4318
  • Chanson: Runaway
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Textes et Paroles de Runaway

Did you cry when they dragged you home
Put a lock on the door and the telephone
Was a runaway girl all they could see
Have the nights and the days that you've come through
Made the right seem wrong and the false seem true
Was a runaway girl all they could see
A teenage extra from the satellite TV

Runaway girl
Too bad, too bad
Runaway girl
Too wild, too wild

Were they deaf to the prayer behind your lies
Maybe they didn't dare to ask you why
Was a runaway girl all they chose to see
All they were prepared to admit to

Runaway girl
Too bad, too bad
Runaway girl
A real wild child

So you cower in the towns forgotten places
And you make your bed with unfamiliar faces
And at last you've got your freedom but that's all you've got
You're tryin' to make your mind up if you're better off

You pretend to wait for washing in some laundromat
But you're damned if you'll give them the satisfaction of you going back
You'd freeze to death before you'd share a roof with them
And you'd starve before you'd let him get his hands on you again

Did you cry when they dragged you home
Did you cry when they dragged you home
Poor little runaway, poor little runaway

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