Paroles Thank You, Whoever You Are de Marillion

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  • Artiste: Marillion4318
  • Chanson: Thank You, Whoever You Are
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Textes et Paroles de Thank You, Whoever You Are

What a time this is
Everything changing
Faster than the eye can blink
Faster than we can stop and think.
What will the future hold ?
Well whatever...

I won't ask you to care
But say you'll be there
If you can't love me tonight
Just remember the light
Remember the light

Thank you whoever you are
Thank you whoever you are
Thank you

If we get half of half a chance
We'll party till dawn. We'll run
and dance
Sleep on a train and rent a car
We'll gamble in the South of France
We'll be a friend to this mad world
Happy together

I won't ask you to sign
On some cold dotted line
But if you can love me tonight
I'll remember the light
Only the light

Thank you whoever you are
Thank you whoever you are
Thank you

(Thanks to Walter for these lyrics)

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