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Marilyn Manson
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  • Chanson: New model N°15
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Textes et Paroles de New model N°15

I'm as fake as a wedding cake
And I'm Vague and I know that I'm
Pitifully predictable
Correctly political

I'm the new, I'm the new, new model
I've got nothing inside
Better in the head and in bed
At the office
I can suck and I smile
New model

I can choke and diet on coke
I'm Spun and I know
That I'm Stoned and Rolling

Lifelike and poseable
Hopeless and disposable


Don't let them know how far you go
Or that you use you "lovers"
Oh look, you're like a VCR
Stick something in to know
Just who you are you

New model

  "Mechanical animals [#10]"

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