Paroles Killing My Dream de Marina V

Marina V
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  • Chanson: Killing My Dream
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Textes et Paroles de Killing My Dream

Never thought that I could break in two
but you have shown me
You have always told me I could count on you
but where did you go?

I'm dreaming of yesterday
dreams won't hold me down
as you push me away

Am I really alone
right next to you?
or am I chasing a ghost
of what I once thought was true?
Don't worry, everything's fine with me
I won't let on that you're killing my dream
Killing my dream

Never thought that I could hurt so much
but you have shown me
you have always told me I should play it tough
but how can I pretend?

I'm dreaming of yesterday
Oh, I know the truth
Still too scared to be brave

So now it's done, tell me
does it make you feel right
To be the one to break me down inside?

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