Paroles Boom, Like That de Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler
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  • Artiste: Mark Knopfler4071
  • Chanson: Boom, Like That
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Textes et Paroles de Boom, Like That

I'm going to San Bernardino ring-a-ding-ding
Milkshake mix is thus my thing now
These guys bought a heap of my stuff
And I gotta see a good thing shooting up now
Folks line up all down the street
Now I am seeing this girl devour her meat now
And then I get it Wham as clear as day
My pulse begins to hammer then I hear a voice say

These boys have got this down ought to be one of these in every town
These boys have got the touch It's clean as a whistle and it don't cost much
Wham bam don't wait long, shake fries plenty of gum
How about that friendly name, heck, every little thing gotta stay the same
Or my name is not Kroc, that's Kroc with a K
A crocodile is not spelt that way now
It's Dog eat dog, rat eat rat
Kroc style - Boom like that

You gentlemen are to expand
You're gonna need a helping hand now
So gentlemen well what about me?
We'll make a little business history now
Well we'll build it up and I'll buy him out
The man they made me grind it out now
They open up a new place flippin meat
So I do too, right across the street

I got the main I need town, sell em' in the end and it all shuts down
Sometimes you gotta be an S.O.B. you wanna make a dream reality
Competition sent em south, they're gonna drown or we're hosing em' out
Do not pass go go straight to hell
I smell a lotta meat .....da smell

Or my name is not Kroc that's Kroc with a K
A crocodile is not spelt that way now
Ohh it's Dog eat Dog, Rat eat Rat
Dog eat Dog, Rat eat Rat now
Ohh it's Dog eat Dog, Rat eat Rat
Kroc style - Boom like that

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