Paroles September In The Rain de Marti

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  • Artiste: Marti10682
  • Chanson: September In The Rain
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Textes et Paroles de September In The Rain

There are days when I like to spend in bed all day
guess what?
this is one of them
there are nights when I like to walk all night
guess what?
it's gonna be one of them
now I know by heart all the noises in my flat
and I've been staring at this wall in front of me
for so long
that the design of this wallpaper
has no mistery for me
it's the map that gets me out of here
it's the map that makes me think clear

well I still see the same ol' people
speaking to the same ol'friends
and when they ask me about you
I smile and say
and say it's over now

It's always the same
I'm spending my
september in the rain
alone again
I'm spending my
september in the rain

I didn't know what to do
the other day when I saw you getting off the bus
later I had to smoke my city down to the filter
to realize I hope you're feeling fine

'cause you can go all day around pretending it's all right
you can shake hands, kiss other lips and shut your eyes
but at night it's all a different thing
at night it's the time we all feel that silent stream

well I still see the same ol' people
speaking to the same ol'friends
but when they ask me about you

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