Paroles Ain't Really Love de Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige
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  • Artiste: Mary J. Blige2614
  • Chanson: Ain't Really Love
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Textes et Paroles de Ain't Really Love

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Everyday I'm trying to get to know ya
But more and more you're changing up your act
Everyday I look for ways to bring us closer
But more and more you appear to be drawing back
And lately when We're making love its getting weaker
My heart don't feeling it and feeling is everything
And I'm feeling like maybe you just don't feel it
And I don't know how to play it
In the past, didn't know how to say it
But I...

I held my tongue too long
I can't do it no more (I just can't do it babe)
See how can a man be so cold
To a woman that loves him most (I don't get it at all)
(But if you wanna go) There's the door
(I can't hold ya) Boy you're grown
(You must got me confused) Ooooooo
(I treat myself way too good)
And a love that tears you down ain't really love

Everyday I'm getting up and making breakfast
And more and more you're walking in without a word
And everyday I'm trying to ask, "Baby what's wrong?"
And more and more you say I'm getting on your nerves
And then you take me to the level of some bullshit
Ya said ya never had these problems from a white chic
You got me twisted and twisted is just not how I get with it
You need to sit down and hear it


I'm pouring out my heart (my heart)
Don't just sit there while my heart is on the line
Speak your truth (speak your truth)
What it's worth (what it's worth)
Not a word you say will go unheard
Now if it's like that
Then baby just pack your bags
Cause I'm sick and tired of fighting
I'm sick and tired of trying
I had enough of waiting
I'm not that good with playing
I know I love you
But I love myself too


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