Paroles Ultimate Relationship (A.M.) de Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige
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  • Chanson: Ultimate Relationship (A.M.)
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Textes et Paroles de Ultimate Relationship (A.M.)

ooh... ohoho...ohoho

Its about the things you say to me in the a.m.
Its about the way you hold me in the a.m.
Something bout a sweet ron de vu in the a.m.
God, I like spendin time with you in the a.m.

[Verse 1]
Its about six and the sun is on its way up
I'm half asleep,
waiting for your touch to wake me up
i like the way you call me,
the way you whisper peace,
the things you reveal
God, i know you're real,
nothing like the way you make me feel


[Verse 2]
I have to admit, this is the way to start the day
Captured in love,
Jesus, your love takes me away
I like the way you call me,
the way you whisper peace
the things you reveal
God, I know you're real
Nothing like the way you make me feel


[Verse 3]
What you do to me
I just can't explain
(I just can't explain)
What it means to me
To hear you call my name
(To hear you call my name)
What a perfect way
For me to start the day
Captured in love,
Jesus, your love takes me away


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