Paroles Stage 1.Scene 2.(Satrapold) de Master's Hammer

Master's Hammer
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  • Artiste: Master's Hammer6494
  • Chanson: Stage 1.Scene 2.(Satrapold)
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Textes et Paroles de Stage 1.Scene 2.(Satrapold)

I do not wish to worry much
your hearing, gentlemen,
when it is necessary to have a drink
and pay off the debt to one's thirst.
But allow me only to say
what now rests in my heart
before into the castle chambers
I shall look with you goodselves:
Now, I am your captain
and my office is
that i give my word to laws
where the crime throws its shadow.
After my father being von Satrapold
Also they know me at Court
the society there pay hommage to me,
which I admit with eagerness !
What an exquisite decoration
of the walls by Belgian velvet !
But the vessel is up to its brim
- we shall sweep fast away that rabble !
and I wish to tell this freely
that we will get ready a trick for the Devil,
who then will whine in his cell !

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