Paroles Hank Williams Said It de Matt Minglewood

Matt Minglewood
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  • Artiste: Matt Minglewood26909
  • Chanson: Hank Williams Said It
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Textes et Paroles de Hank Williams Said It

Sitting and drinking, it's quarter past two
What ever happened to him and to you
Sitting there wondering what's he gonna do
You're a long way from lonesome and long way from there
You're too far away, you can't feel his tears
Lord, lord what's he gonna' do

Well his band's on the road as they drive through the rain
Out on a limb with his misery and pain
He just can't say when he'll see you again and it hurts him so
But this here is something he's got to try
God only knows the reason why
Hank Williams said it: "I'm so lonesome I could cry"

Now he's out on a stage, and the house lights are dim
The spotlight is pointing directly at him
Now it's time to leave it all behind
Well they all get to rocking when he starts to play
It's the only time in his lonely day
That he feels quite real and he's got you off his mind

Well the show's almost over, they've done an encore
The crowd's going crazy but his throat is getting sore
But they just keep on playing till they just can't play no more
Down a t a bare in a local hotel
He's feeling no pain and it's easy to tell
That he's coming down from the feelings that swell, when they play like hell

Now he's sitting there drinking, it's quarter past two
What ever happened to him and to you
Sitting there wondering what's he gonna do
Except play the blues


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