Paroles I Hate Work de MDC

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  • Artiste: MDC11560
  • Chanson: I Hate Work
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Textes et Paroles de I Hate Work

work, work, work it's a lot of jive never gonna work 9 to 5 tell mr. bossman i said goodbye never gonna work another day in my life i hate work, yeah i do i hate work, and you should to i hate work, ain't no clerk i hate work, ain't no jerk never gonna work in a factory or sweat my life in misery work like that never meant to be work like that is not for me [chorus] work work work away the years of your life work work work never see your wife work work work sweat and tears work work work lost my years [chorus] we're not gonna work in your crummy jobs we're not gonna fight in your stinkin' wars we're not gonna vote in your phony elections take a good look we're your reflection [chorus]

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