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Meat Puppets
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  • Chanson: We're Here
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Textes et Paroles de We're Here

the night is restless
but no dream's in sight
and the sounds have no beginnings
or ends
and that glow is not a light

the walls turn into waterfalls with water
made of thoughts that call
it's not ok to tip the glass
or smile too long or shed a tear
you're not the only one
thats things have changed,
now we are here

we are not the king and queen
what we are ties in between
the blankets that you've never seen
but over you are spread

"we are here," the voices sing
"we are here," the echo thunders
"yes we are," the doorbell rings
"here we are and here in numbers"

the others came in from the hall and
thoughts with voices start to call,
"it's not ok to tip the glass or smile too long or shed a tear
you're not alone the way you thought things have changed, now we are here."

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