Paroles Hold On de Melanie B

Melanie B
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  • Artiste: Melanie B3655
  • Chanson: Hold On
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Textes et Paroles de Hold On

As we travel through life the seasons change
But the truth remains the same always
So pause for a second take a breath and maybe then you'll understand
It's ok to feel helpless and ask the questions why
It's all part of the tapestry so don't give up your fight

Hold on hold on
To what you believe in
So come on, hold on hold on
You know you can do it
If you hold, hold on

No-one knows what tomorrow brings
So try and live life here and now in your way
Throughout all your struggle and pain
Remember those times are not in vain
It's ok to feel sadness
Things, they will all work out
Nobody said it was easy, no
Trust in who you are now

Hold on hold on
To what you believe in
So come on, hold on hold on
You know you can do it
The power's within you
Freedom to win, hold on

There is always so much more to life
Rise above and stand strong
There you'll find the light you're searching for
The place you belong

Hold on hold on
To what you believe in
Hold on hold on
You know you can do it
You know the power's within you
Freedom to win - if you hold, hold on

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