Paroles We don't need luck to make it de Merchant ships

Merchant ships
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  • Chanson: We don't need luck to make it
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Textes et Paroles de We don't need luck to make it

Last year was a better place, we thought we were brothers. This year though, is different, we've found we can't trust one friend from another, one man from the next; we're left with our shadows, we're left with lies regret and hope, all of the things that build us up…that make us hurt. Dear god If you're there please show yourself so we can breathe and know that we're okay, that we are not just 'friends we don't know, friends that we miss, friends that will never grow up from kids.'
I wish I could take back all that I've said, I wish I could take back all that I've done but I know I can't, what's now's not then, and there's no point in having best friends. What we have will not come back, so we're left with this: people that we think we love, it's them we cannot trust. It's them who will hurt us, them who will leave us searching and praying for things left in last year.

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