Paroles B Quiet de Meriwether

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  • Artiste: Meriwether8910
  • Chanson: B Quiet
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Textes et Paroles de B Quiet

Be quiet, the voices said from the bedroom, where I was dead, and I loved you, you never had to say. Like the movies well never make and the soundtracks well never play and I loved you, you never had to say.

So be quiet.

When you cry, do you close your eyes? Cause my heart is breaking, and you are still faking a feeling that you will never know.

Be quiet, dont make a sound with the footsteps that touch the ground which were crushing the leaves of my remorse. Like a sad song, this lullaby whispers, sleeping, and sweet goodnight, and I loved you, you never had to say.

What say you to the revolution? What it is to kiss and tell, everybody is revolutionizing the world, over my head. Everybodys imitating, for the ratings, for the sake of the human race and I cant keep up

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