Paroles A Light In The Dark de Metal Church

Metal Church
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  • Artiste: Metal Church6585
  • Chanson: A Light In The Dark
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Textes et Paroles de A Light In The Dark

Shadows in a dark place lurk inside the walls
Hiding from daylight hiding from us all
Windows of a past life, reflections hard to find
Memories of lost days, etch their place in time
Anger and frustration, diseases of the mind
Just like the evils, the evils of mankind
Submerged and frozen, in this icy hell
Reaching for tomorrow, what will the fortune tell

Light transcends into our memory, dark descends upon the misery
When soulless spirits grasp the beating heart
Remember there is a light in the dark

Blessed our the visions of ones who have dared
Healing the masses with the crosses they bear
The dawn of creation is where it begins
The privilege of power gives the privilege to sin

Screaming for some sanity, drift like a lost soul
Curse on all humanity the worlds lost control
Inside out reality, we're victims of a crime
Innocence has since been lost, we've all been left behind

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