Paroles Round & Round (Extended Remix) de Method Man

Method Man
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  • Chanson: Round & Round (Extended Remix)
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Textes et Paroles de Round & Round (Extended Remix)

[Intro: some DJ (Jonell)]
Sound... bombing...
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ah, uh)

[Method Man]
I was gutter when you met me, gutter when you left me
Gutter when you came back, face it, nothin' can change that
Not romance or marriage counselin', you dropped the ball, now I'm bouncin'
Find me a room, burn up an ounce in
Waitin' for my baby to call, forgive it all
On some break up to make up shit, givin' me drawers
I adore mi amore, but every time she choose to go to war
I'm lookin' at the front door

[Pharoahe Monch]
You could keep the negative's mind, please, I get the picture
The emotional sounds was different when I first split you
Claim I brought pain to the thing like King Kong
Like villains in the Western flicks, that I was well hung
So put you up on Talib Kweli and the Village of Slum
Read the book of psalms to get the miles, sing some (come on now)
And you actin' like you don't know what I came here for
It's wrong to put our spirits your drove at the front door
Affectionate smiles, so you could front more
I should call you somethin' that walks on all fours
Cuz you got a fella heated for sure, love him or delete it, it's raw
Feelin' cheated when I'm out on tour
They catch a glimpse from beyond this globe, on the same note
Cuz in terrential downpours, I keep a rain coat
And a bottle of cham', bored, to let the brain flow
Pray for sun after the rain and creep the rainbow

Oh, I try and I try to stop the
Forces that go round in my head and cloud
Thought you were the one to understand me
You turned my dark skies to light
But once again you touched my hopes to him
My soulful sing, my tears start glimmin' in the rain
All and again, all and again

[Chorus 2X: Jonell]
I really don't know what you came here for, round and round we go
Consider your bags outside the door, round and round we go

If you don't understand where I'm from
Then my heart is tellin' me you're not the one
All the games you played and now realize
You're not the one, for me to want some baby, bye-bye
Pack your bags and get to steppin'
You gotta let it go, you need to stop trippin'
I hope you don't think I'm gon' let you back in
Cuz you'se a fool

[Chorus 2X]

[Kool G. Rap]
G. Rap Giacanna, I'm not the one who's born to be dissed
So let me make this clear for you, just like stones on my wrist
Just cuz the door closed, don't mean I'm on the phone wit a chick
I'm just a cat about his B.I. and let's only get rich
Straight up politickin', so where you lay your dome and be sick
Stack cake, wit food on the plate and chrome on the six
Then we can make a little fam, just us, alone in the sticks
And I can get rid of these bricks, we gone from the strip, you know?

[Hook: Jonell]
Today, I made up my mind, to get away
Everyday, I sit and pray, everyday, everyday

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook with the Chorus]

[Outro: Jonell]
Every day, every day (round and round we go)
To get away, away, away (round and round...)

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