Paroles Be A Lion de Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
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  • Artiste: Michael Jackson2621
  • Chanson: Be A Lion
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Textes et Paroles de Be A Lion

There is a place we'll go,
Where there is mostly quiet;
Flowers and butterflies,
A rainbow lives beside it.

And from a velvet sky,
A summer storm;
You can feel the coolness in the air
But you're still warm,
And then a mighty roar
Will start the sky to cryin';
But not even lightening
Will be frightening to my lion.

And with no fear inside,
No need to run, no need to hide,
You're standing strong and tall,
You're the bravest of them all
If on courage we must call,
Then just keep on tryin'
And tryin' and tryin'-
You're a lion,
In your own way, be a lion.

Come on, be a lion!

I'm standing strong and tall!

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