Paroles Cross Of Gold de Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith
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  • Chanson: Cross Of Gold
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Textes et Paroles de Cross Of Gold

Where do you stand
What is your statement
What is it you're trying to say
What's in your hand
What's in your basement
What's in the cards you don't play
Are you holding the key
Or are you intending
To pick the lock of heaven's gate
It's confusing to me
The message you're sending
And I don't know if I can relate
What's you line
Tell me why you wear your cross of gold
State of mind
Or does it find a way into your soul

Is it a flame
Is it a passion
A symbol of love living in you
Or is it a game
Religion in fashion
Some kind of pahse you're going thru
We all travel the extremes
From cellar to rafter
Looking for a place in the sun
So I'm trying to see
What you're headed after
But I don't know where you're coming from

Chorus Bridge: (spoken)
For some it's simply something to wear around your neck
Just a chain
Is it decoration?
Is it an icon
Or proclomation?
An icon of what?
For some it's simply something to wear around your neck
Just a chain
It means a lot more than that to me


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