Paroles Perfect de Midtown

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  • Artiste: Midtown11660
  • Chanson: Perfect
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Textes et Paroles de Perfect

This time I think it could be perfect
But you'd push it away
I came here today with a purpose
Should I try or just let it go

'Cause these things I'd like to ask you
Are things I can't explain
Or should I keep your glance outside the porch last Saturday

Should I have succumbed to your courtesy
I could see you were trying to get my attention
But I pushed it away

This time I think it could be perfect
But you'd push it away

Tonight it seemed suddenly perfect
Still no promises made
The balance of power was shifted
Were you trying to let me in
Or was I trying so hard
That all my confidence was lost tonight
Confused and regretful I cracked
Swallowed it back
And left with no spine intact

Maybe we were meant to see what's right
See how this ought to be
Just a taste of life to see what's right
You made sense out of me
What a shame that we're slipping away now
I'm going away now
Off to see what's out there
'Cause you're all that's here for me

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