Paroles Hoe Down de Millionaires

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  • Artiste: Millionaires26489
  • Chanson: Hoe Down
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Textes et Paroles de Hoe Down

Look at that fat slut over there
Her dress is so tight, it's making me stare
She's lickin' on that lollipop with her tongue
So lets just shoot her
With our guns!

So my mommy's in the kitchen cooking that chicken
It's taking way to long so I give her a whipin'
My daddy walks in as I'm layin' it down.
But he don't say shit!
Cause I rule this town!

Dumb bitches.

So we're going to a show to hear this band play
The beat starts kickin', but this bitch is in my way
i ask her to move and she says,
"Shit, son!"
Well i could beat you ass, does that sound fun?

Yeah, uh huh, what, okay.
Yeah, uh huh, oh oh okay.

My parents always told me not to drink or cuss or fuck.
But look how i turned out, just their fuckin' luck
So come and follow us, we'll show you a good time.
But if you're gonna whine, bitch don't waste our time

Yeah, uh huh, what, okay.
Yeah, uh huh, oh oh okay.

Yeah, uh huh, what, okay.
Yeah, uh huh, oh oh okay.

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