Paroles Mystery de Misty Edwards

Misty Edwards
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  • Chanson: Mystery
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Textes et Paroles de Mystery

You're a mystery like poetry
Like a parable, a rhyme or a riddle
You're a mystery wrapped in clouds
Shouting so loud
Just waiting to be discovered

You're a mystery so intriguing
You're a mystery so inviting

You saved Yourself for the weak
The broken and the meek
Only the hungry dine
Only the thirsty drink deep
You saved Yourself for the needy
You saved Yourself for me

I want to waste my life
To search You out
Search You out
I want to waste my life
To search You out
Search You out

I don't want to build castles in the sand
I don't want to live in a fairy-tale
I want what's real
I will remain forever
Remain forever

It's the glory of God to hide a matter
It's the glory of a king to search it out
I wanna search You out
I love the way You hide
So I can find You
I wanna search You out

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