Paroles Cruizer Love de Mix Mob

Mix Mob
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  • Artiste: Mix Mob27699
  • Chanson: Cruizer Love
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Textes et Paroles de Cruizer Love

I Roll slow- lettin' em know yeah, yeah
Sunrise I'm on my porch
Flame still burnin' on my tiki torch
Feeling easy baby won't you please me
Palm trees swaying telling me it's breezy
Blue skies why would I lie
with you in this bed
never give me no head
trips to the side
Cruizer Love Tonight
Birds are chirpin' approachin' noon
Waves are crashin' beyond the sand dunes
A subtle flow of people cruizin' by
And they sing "No Woman, No Cry"
Blue skies why would I lie
with you in this bed
never give me no head
trips to the side
Cruizer Love Tonight
You be you
Oh yeah I'll be me
Cruizer love for my Galaxy
64 HARD CORE she sits in the weeds (yes indeed)
Flowmaster pipes like to shake knees
Shall I proceed?
(Put the pedal to the medal make your nose bleed)
My baby doll rocks the WHITE WALLS
People stop and they jock but still I stand tall (Can you hear the palm trees?)
The palm trees I hold the keys she's my main squeeze
When we roll we lay low because we O.G.'s
(Take a deep breath)
Smell the ocean breeze
So Cal mental we bumpin' oldies (Did I say we O.G.'s)
I put the flames on the panels
(Shaved the door handles
Put the pops on the locks so the cops think we vandals)
In my dickies and my sandles got my skate (No surprise)
Ripperside Cruizer Love when we ride (Blue Skies)
I got my White walls on my retro schwinn
I'll be with you baby 'til the end
And in time I grab my SECTOR 9
Ignore "No Skateboarding Signs"
Blue skies why'd I lie with you
Got you by my side
Cruizer love tonight

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