Paroles Double Flame de Mk Ultra

Mk Ultra
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  • Artiste: Mk Ultra27714
  • Chanson: Double Flame
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Textes et Paroles de Double Flame

No matter how far you fall,
there's always a pull to be strong-
leftover animal resolve.

No matter how far you fall,
there's always the urge
to go all the way down.

Today on a ghetto street
I heard birds and people meet in sound.
It was beautiful, it was terrible.
I feel a rupture in my brain,
am I finally going insane?
Did the transformation begin?
Am I growing a brand new skin?
I hope so.
I need it.
I am so raw.

No matter how far you fall,
there's always a hand to yank you back-
accept the hand but understand
it's a complicated pact.

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