Paroles Tell Me When de Monte And The Machine

Monte And The Machine
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  • Artiste: Monte And The Machine26534
  • Chanson: Tell Me When
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Textes et Paroles de Tell Me When

How can you tell me that you want meWhen you keep running aroundHow can you tell me you respect meWhen you keep putting me downWhen did you decide it was OK to lieHow did you rationalize thatWhen did you decide it was OK to hurt a friendThis time tell me the truth...tell me whenHow can you tell me that you missed meWhen you didn't bother to callHow can you tell me that you love meWhen you don't love me at allChorusDo you lie for meNot wanting to hurt my feelingsDo you lie for youAfraid of what you might loseHow can you tell me that you're happyWhen your heart's somewhere elseHow can you tell me I'm your onlyWhen you're loving somebody elseChorusTell me when you decided it was OK to lie to me

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