Paroles Sergent Duckie's Song de Monty Python

Monty Python
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  • Chanson: Sergent Duckie's Song
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Textes et Paroles de Sergent Duckie's Song

(Rhythm combo starts up out of vision and Sgt. Duckie sings. This is all part of the Policevision Pan-European song contest, of course. Superimposed caption on screen: 'SGT DUCKIE'S SONG.' Duckie performs a showy, happy dance and jauntily twirls his whistle chain.)
I'm a little bit sad and lonely
Now my baby's gone away...
I'm feeling kinda blue
Don't know just what to do
I feel a little sad today. Chorus of PCs:
He's a little bit sad and lonely
Now his baby's gone away
He's feeling kinda blue
He don't know just what to do
He's not feeling so good today. Duckie:
Wheeeen I smile
The sun comes flooding in (dadadadadada)
But wheeeen I'm sad
It goes behind the clouds again. Chorus:
He's a little bit sad and lonely
Now his baby's gone away
He's feeling kinda -

(they stop abruptly and say:) etcetera, etcetera

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