Paroles T . F . C . de Motorpsycho

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  • Artiste: Motorpsycho28070
  • Chanson: T . F . C .
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Textes et Paroles de T . F . C .

He's a Truly Fine Citizen
he works all day
he leads a perfect life
in every way
he goes to church
he dresses up tight
he rapes his pre-teen children at night
I don't understand it

Fucks his daughter
fucks his son
I somehow can't imagine he's the only one
It's a sick world,baby
when 3 out of 10
molest their children
I don't understand it

listen to me
cos I think you should know
when the pain is sown
it won't ever go
it's in shadows
it's in the brain
how can man impose on someone
a lifetime of pain?
I don't understand it

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