Paroles Between Us And Them de Moving Units

Moving Units
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  • Artiste: Moving Units28117
  • Chanson: Between Us And Them
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Textes et Paroles de Between Us And Them

It's so clear now, I'm understanding
and the furniture matches the ceiling
if it was different than you had expected
will you pardon me, i wasn't selected

I know it's difficult so I will be patient
i guess we have to abstract if it's ok yeah
i'll make it easy for you, what a disaster
maybe it's better off this way, better off this way

It's a task and then when you complete it
will you love me when I wasn't needed
cause it's natrual to feel unfaithful
and you're going to be anyway

I know it's difficult now but you can try to
wasn't with all the fuss cause i feel so seamy
i'll make it wasy for you, what a disaster
we couldn't go wrong any faster

I never wanted anything (repeat 3x)

I never wanted (repeated 3x)

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