Paroles How Many Times de Mud

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  • Artiste: Mud28181
  • Chanson: How Many Times
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Textes et Paroles de How Many Times


How many times must I say love is a lie
I'll never let it hurt again
How many nights must I lay, wondering why
Have my emotions gone
Got no reason to carry on
Feeling that I've thrown my life away.

I can't understand it
Thought I could trust her
Saw no way or reason why she'd ever let me down.
Then wake up at dawn thinking it's all over
Her sleeping face ain't got no trace
Of lies she told to me
(Lies she told to me)


I know that she used me
She hurt me and bruised me.
But now it's lost to count the cost
Would be a waste of time.

Guess I never knew her
She was just a stranger.
One day she'll learn that it's her turn
To feel the way I do.
(Feel the way I do).


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