Paroles The Blagging Boogie Blues de Mud

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  • Artiste: Mud28181
  • Chanson: The Blagging Boogie Blues
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Textes et Paroles de The Blagging Boogie Blues

I've got the television on and it's a quarter to nine
No birds, no booze, no women, no wine.
I've got some money in my pocket â€~cos I just got paid
But I can't seem to score for a date they're afraid.

My car's in the parking lot and being repaired
It's costing a fortune I shouldn't have cared.
I got the phone by my side waiting for her to ring
All the time I'm at home and that just ain't my thing.

I've got a sunshine smile I got from San Tropez
Had a wash and a shave and I was feeling OK
I've got some brand new shoes and a suit taylor made
But I can't seem to score for a date they're afraid.

So I decided to get out and have a real good time
I'm cutting loose from this room cos I feel it's a crime
I sat around the house and wasted every night
When I could be out blagging or causing a fight.

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