Paroles Slaughterhouse Road de Mushroomhead

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  • Artiste: Mushroomhead7708
  • Chanson: Slaughterhouse Road
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Textes et Paroles de Slaughterhouse Road

Everybody else steeped in wonder
As I finish out my stride
What you cannot put assunder
The struggle to survive
I see idiots and hypocrites
Cant cut me down to size
And I'll be god damned if you'll
Take me alive

Causalities grown
Feeding the Earth no one knows
Build greater hope
Yet feed the Slaughterhouse Road

I'd rather live than believe in eternity
Forget, forgive
No discerning the fire that burn me
Forget, forgive
I'd rather live than believe in eternity
Forget, forgive
There's no cure for mankind
Forgive, forget!

Feeding a bottomless hole
Bleeding our youth for the gold
On the Slaughterhouse Road

You can't end the war
Or compensate for the loss
You can't erase the scars
We can't restore the face
Of a nation behind bars
Of decades laid to waste
On the Slaughterhouse Road

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