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Mustard Plug
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  • Chanson: Dressed Up
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Textes et Paroles de Dressed Up

I don't know how it started but it can't end too soon
The way the tide is turning I think you're singing the wrong tune
You're addicted to an image you can never attain
The time and money spent enough to drive me insane
You're fronting like a billboard but easier to read
An ounce of introspection is what you probably need
You don't have care
Your bandwagon's rolling but it's going nowhere

I'm not buying in
You'll be all alone
You're all dressed up
With no place to go

I'm lookin' through the pages of a magazine
My stomach nearly turns at the images I see
A plastic persona fronts on every page
My blood starts to boil, I border on rage
Could you really be so jaded just to throw yourself away
I know what I see, cause I see it everyday
it's so plain to see
You're just another product, a commodity

So long ago, I knew you then
The truth be told, we were the closest of friends
And you were so much more than you'll ever know
So much deeper than appearances show
But you traded all you had for a glossy shine
And you choke down insincerity like vintage wine
Just thinkin' back to the friend I knew
I wish that things were different cause I won't be fooled
No more

It's only human nature
And I'm the same way
But if I had the chance
I'd throw it all away!

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