Paroles T/false Fiction de MXPX

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  • Artiste: MXPX5679
  • Chanson: T/false Fiction
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Textes et Paroles de T/false Fiction

they guarantee our freedom but freedom isn't real
unless you know Christ you won't know how i feel
inflections of the way things were supposed to be
the mental disorder of our society
false finite ways of thinking
false fiction they're believing
entropy is still promoting chaos
it's chaos, it's your loss
maybe this world has stopped thinking
maybe all their minds are shrinking
your failed system is inducing chaos
it's chaos, it's your loss
building, moving forward never looking back
taking what the world has offered, but you forgot the pack
common sense,logic,science, a humble self esteem
live to die and die to gain, abort the selfish scene

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