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My Glorious
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  • Chanson: Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Fire

I am watching everything break down.
A thousand lives in China burried under the dust.
Bodies in the street after the storm has come.
And a family trapped in a fathers lust.

In the darkness that we find here
In the cold of these times
Let me burn through the night
Like a flame on a hill lit up to shine

You wanted a fire
My love is a fire
For you

Gone are the times where the light shone
When killing is a passion and a common one
Rape a soul and leave it as an empty vase
You awake and look into the devils face

And the darkness eats the planet
Covers everything in grey
If it weren't for a spark that is love
Would you turn your face away

You wanted a fire
My love is a fire
For you

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